Editorial Reviews. Review. I am happy to learn that Shri Ronnie Screwvala has written a book site Store · site eBooks · Biographies & Memoirs. download ebook In Dream With Your Eyes Open, first-generation entrepreneur and Just dream your own dream—and when you do, dream with your eyes open. This is where the complimentary Dream With Your Eyes Open: An Entrepreneurial Journey eBooks enterimage! Yes, Free Dream With Your Eyes Open: An.

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In Dream With Your Eyes Open, first-generation entrepreneur and UTV-founder Ronnie Screwvala details his vast experiences and the myriad lessons learnt. PMAEQVKULIVV eBook» Dream With Your Eyes Open: An Entrepreneurial Journey. Dream With Your Eyes Open: An Entrepreneurial. Journey. Filesize: "From modest beginnings in Mumbai's Grant Road, surrounded by the energy and unbridled potential of a country always on the verge of greatness, Ronnie.

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Dream with Your Eyes Open: An Entrepreneurial Journey

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Dream with Your Eyes Open: An Entrepreneurial Journey

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Just dream your own dream—and when you do, dream with your eyes open. Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages. More Details Original Title.

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Apr 08, Priya Florence rated it it was amazing. I recall seeing the ads for The Wiz, a production of his theatre company, Lazer Productions, in the newspapers of that time. I laughed out loud when he described a cobra scene that just went on and on in the first flop movie he produced. I felt for him when he wrote about his failure in college and what he learned from it. I could totally empathise with his distaste at the intrusion of mobile phones in personal communications, this being one of my own pet peeves.

I think if more companies begin to adopt this practice, it will greatly improve the quality of our personal communications.

It might be a good rule to enforce at the dinner table too. In Dream With Your Eyes Open, Screwvala takes us on a tour of his motivations, challenges, victories, failures and missed opportunities — from starting out as a manufacturer of toothbrushes, to becoming a content provider for Zee TV, to his innings as an international movie producer. Though not chronologically, he weaves in tales of his disruptive approach to the media industry, like producing the daily soap, Shanti, and going on to start Hungama TV with its hugely popular shows, Doraemon and my personal favourite Shin-Chan.

Many entrepreneurs will enjoy reading the inside story of the takeover of Hungama TV and UTV by Disney followed by his exit from the media industry. I was especially struck by his account of the exhaustive legwork he undertook to build his cable company, even going on door-to-door sales calls himself. It made me appreciate, even more, his determination to do whatever it takes to understand his customer and provide value to them. He explains why success has more to do with preparation than luck and offers invaluable tips on learning to grow and scale a business — a section I found especially useful to me.

View 1 comment. Sep 01, Anil Swarup rated it liked it. This sums up the essence of the book. What to say and how to say is the key to success, Coming from a successful entrepreneur, one would totally agree with what he says. The ease with which the author managed to "plan for failure" and "embrace d failure" and yet succeeded is a les "Charm for me is the ability to persuade with your tone, your willingness to be inclusive in your engagement with every one in the room or on the call, and your knack for being clear and articulate with your message".

The ease with which the author managed to "plan for failure" and "embrace d failure" and yet succeeded is a lesson for all. Sep 13, Tripti Saini rated it really liked it.

One thing I would like to mention here is the way Mr. I appreciate the way he gives credit to his team. He has written a very nice book which lets one have a instance of the path of entrepreneurship. Feels like attending two days workshop - great opening lines for each topic and accurate summary at the end. On this journey, in his early twenties he went to UK for better study of front-of-television anchoring when his father was M. But do we need a book for that? Nov 01, Praveena D.

Book is complete journey of Ronnie who is first generation entrepreneur. In every industry he started, he was an outsider but still managed success. Personally, I had expected lot of anecdotes from Ronnie's journey but Ronnie gave lot of gyan which I feel unnecessary. And also, I expected missed opportunities like gangs of wasseypur etc.

I always read books by guys who done it and wrote about it instead of those university professor type who study industry and come up with their own conclusions.


I could have skipped this one. May 25, Mohd Adnan rated it really liked it Shelves: A must read book if you want to start your own business. Ronnie Screwvala has been a household name for parsis from Balaram street.

Sharp, Suave, Savvy, athletic, married a parsi to boot ; his story inspires, guides and continues to trail-blaze even after the ink dried on his contract with Disney. But if you are looking for Lee Iacocca or Malcolm Gladwell kinda inspiration, this is not it. He labours through the book, swinging between polite recounts of his personal experiences, giving little away of his caustic wit that he's famous for and to prea Ronnie Screwvala has been a household name for parsis from Balaram street.

He labours through the book, swinging between polite recounts of his personal experiences, giving little away of his caustic wit that he's famous for and to preachy expressions of what most innovators in the indian ecosystem know. The plus side is that the book contains some good tidbits of failure and guiding stars and heartfelt tips in lucid language which may appeal to the "middle tier" as he said.

The bits that every entrepreneur looks for is scaling up and exiting. Both of which, RS is the master of the game or so it would seem. But the book fails to go into details on both counts, by simply saying, "hire the right talent", "look out for the right time". Yeah right. Genuinely intriguing to read stories of companies that have grown in front of you.

For an outsider to build a corporate studio in India is really a big deal. It was great fun reading this. Its more of a chronological narrative which sometimes gets a bit monotonous, but never the less its nice to read about failures and how they turned it around. Worth a read if you are into business biographies.

Jan 17, Manny rated it liked it. Too much of "Gyaan" while Ronnie describes his journey.

Most of the chapters are around themes e. Some portions are quite pragmatic and practical advise but overall the structure was quite confusing. Would rather that someone make a TED version which I can then watch in 20 min. Nov 14, Ujjawal Sureka rated it liked it.

Great insights has been given by Mr. Ronnie Screwvala regarding being an entrepreneur and the struggles that are associated with it. Also this book shows that success is not an overnight event, rather it is consistent effort and capturing opportunities. Kind of preaching.

You will only like if you like self help books. I would have liked a simple story, his journey of entrepreneurship. Super read. One of the best books on entrepreneurship I've read. Mar 08, Bulbul rated it liked it. Mediocre book which does not cover Ronnie's entire career. The advice is more gyaan than practical and I don't know how helpful it is. Quick read. I finished it in a few hours. Jul 01, Abhilash Ruhela rated it really liked it.

There is nothing special than reading an autobiography by one of the many successful Indian men who did it without any complaints or excuses. We generally get excited knowing about the successes of the individuals in western part of the world but forget to appreciate the people doing well against all odds living and breathing around us. One such man is Ronnie Screwvala who is a wonderful example of how to be an entrepreneur and a success story.

He has written his own tale of success and failures There is nothing special than reading an autobiography by one of the many successful Indian men who did it without any complaints or excuses. So the author very directly and clearly states here that he is not going to tell what person he is or what his background has been but will only focus on his entrepreneurship life and lessons.

The book is very crisply written without extending the stories with useless detailing. Ronnie exactly knows the value of time hence he assures that he speaks most in as less words as possible. This is what makes the book a special read as you will not have to read much to gain insights on his entrepreneurship role but only pages. The book is written in a very simple language for every student to a new corporate slave or an entrepreneur to understand the same without having to read between lines.

He also talks about his failures with the same enthusiasm which tells how literally he is proud of each second that he has worked upon his life to be a successful entrepreneur. It is only after reading the book you will realize the number of different things that Ronnie has been involved with.

You will be surprised to notice the different scales of business he overtook and started right from Zero and ended up being either the topmost performer or at least in the merit list for sure.

Ronnie has ensured that he even discusses the amount and costs involved in the projects without shying away from disclosing the same.

Ronnie has taken names of other popular celebrities and talked good or bad experiences he had with them without any fear which makes it an interesting read to know the tie-ups and communication between these personalities. To learn about a successful man, you need to know both- his professional insights and his personal lifestyle because until and unless, you do not know both, you will never be able to replicate his success by following his footsteps.Bruce Stephenson.

But do we need a book for that?

He lives in Mumbai with Zarina and daughter Trishya. Even with the right ideas, a tireless work ethic, the gift of the gab, a solid network, the ability to hire well, family support and funding - even with all those variables working in your favor - things can go sideways in the blink of an eye. Master Decorator By Gillian Newberry.

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