View and Download PEUGEOT Speedfight 2 owner's manual online. Speedfight 2 Scooter pdf manual download. Peugeot Speedfight 2 Owners Manual - [Free] Peugeot Speedfight 2 Owners Manual File Type Pdf Anne Frank The Diary Of A Young Girl. Peugeot Speedfight 2 50cc Manual. View and Download PEUGEOT SPB-U2 owner's manual online. SPB-U2 Scooter pdf manual download. Also for.

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PEUGEOT Speedfight 2 Owner's Manual

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Prolonged immobilisation In the event of prolonged immobilisation of the vehicle. Traffic rules require that the driver and his passenger wear a helmet.

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Driving carefully. Respect speed limits and never go faster than is safe under the road conditions. Avoiding driving in places in which he is not visible to other vehicles. Always do a general check before using your scooter to make sure that it can be used safely. As with all high technology machinery.

In case of problems when starting the engine. Switch off ignition only when the engine runs at idle speed Starting the engine. Peugeot Motocycles reserves the right to modify.

The possible leaks. In the event of dismantling. The oil level.

The level of the brake fluid. Protection of the environment General points. Any changes made to engine specifications ignition.. The fuel level. Avoid driving or stationing your vehicle on flammable underground e. A worn spark plug. To check.

Inspection before the vehicle leaves What the downloader has to do. The state of the tyres and their inflating.. In case of misfiring or loss of power. Indicator light 4. Oil warning light 3. Shows the total distance travelled in kilometers.

Speedometer 8. Odometer 7. Fuel level meter Once the pointer has reached point 5b. Steering locked Please keep them apart and note the reference number. The warning light shall stay off when the engine is running. Abnormal operation When the ignition is turned on.

Turn signal light switch To signal a change of direction: Unlocks the saddle Normal operation. The ignition key: Always make sure that the traffic conditions allow you to stop safely and always respect the road traffic regulations. When the engine is running The warning light stays on Turn off the ignition and check the oil level. To the right. Locks the steering. Stop immediately according to traffic conditions and road traffic regulations. Makes the contact when starting.

As there is a doubt about the seriousness of the failure. Engine stopped B. Turn off the ignition in order not to damage the engine and go to a local dealer. When riding The warning light flashes quickly approximately 6 times per second: This means that the oil pump is out of order.

Light switch To comply with new European legislation the lighting of your vehicle is now permanent. Electrical contact position C. You must add oil before riding out. You must add oil before riding out If the warning light stays on although there is enough oil. Starter switch A. Starter button Start as described on page 7 In normal riding conditions. If the warning light goes on or flashes when riding.

Do not start the engine to avoid damaging it and go to a local dealer. The warning light does not go on when the ignition is turned on. The warning light shall go off when the engine is running. To the left. Abnormal operation When turning on the engine The warning light goes on Turn off the ignition and check the oil level.

If the warning light stays on although there is enough oil. Turn off the engine in order not to damage it.

Top up with oil as soon as possible before the system gets out of order and before the engine breaks. Or the bulb of the warning light is burnt out.

The warning light goes on when the ignition is turned on. Oil level Check the oil level regularly. Use demineralized water or special lead battery water only for your battery. Put the vehicle onto its central stand on level ground. When charging or using in a closed location. Make sure that the filler cap is well closed after filling. Call a doctor immediately or the nearest antipoison centre. The charge must be carried out with a suitable battery charger with a maximum output of 0.

Oil must not reach the neck of the filling orifice. Call a doctor immediately. Loosen the plug on the expansion vessel. Avoid repeated and prolonged contact with the skin and do not inhale the vapors. Do not overfill your tank. Danger The battery contains sulphuric acid.

Do not bring sparks. If necessary. Warning For proper engine lubrication you must use: If the coolant level is lower than the Important Top up with a recommended oil.

Fill up with petrol in a well ventilated location with the engine switched off. Connect the green wire to the battery's - terminal. Petrol must not reach the neck of the filling orifice.

The coolant level must always be above the minimum level When you replace the battery. Semi-synthetic oil for 2-stroke engines with Do not use the vehicle: Insert the ignition key in the lock at the back of the Frequency: Charging the battery The level of battery liquid must always be checked before charging.

To top up: Connections to battery wires: A used battery must always be taken to a certified recycling point. The battery releases explosive gases. Protect eyes when working close to a battery. Saddle Opening.

PEUGEOT Speedfight 2 Owner's Manual

Contact a Peugeot dealer for maintenance and repair. Do not cause vomiting if petrol is swallowed. Checking the level of coolant is carried out with the engine cold and at a standstill.

Avoid contact with the skin. Keep out of reach of children. Remove the protection flap Do not smoke. If your oil tank has been completely emptied. Warning Petrol is an extremely inflammable substance that can explode under some conditions.

Petrol tank Use of other types of oil may cause an excessive build up of carbon in the engine and in the exhaust system. In the event of high consumption of coolant In all cases.

The seat storage compartment gives access to: Never remove the plug from Oil tank the expansion vessel when Do not store aerosols in the seat storage compartment. Petrol is a dangerous substance and can be fatal if swallowed. To close Press the back of the saddle The pressurised coolant might be projected and could cause serious burns. Retighten the plug of the expansion Do not allow water or any grit or particles to enter vessel the tank when filling.

For best operation of your engine. If there is a leak. Replace the protection cover Do not use an oil and petrol fuel mixture.

It is essential that the used coolant be deposited at a recycling point. It melts and breaks the circuit if there is a fault in the installation.

W5W T10 All lamps are 12 volts See your dealer or distributor immediately if one of the lamps is not working properly. Push the stand lever with your right foot while pulling the scooter backwards with the handlebars and the saddle's grab handle Caution Make sure that the vehicle is stable on its stand so that it cannot fall over and possibly cause any body wound or any damage to the scooter. Raise the stand. Fitting of a spark plug other than that recommended or failure to tighten it properly will lead to the destruction of the engine and the electronics.

Precautions control of the scooter when it touches the. Release the button when the engine starts You must stop the rear wheel spinning before you push bike off centre stand apply rear brake. Push bike off centre stand.

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It is located in a fuse holder at the side of the battery.. Remove the two screws the lens. Move to the left side of the scooter.

To adjust the headlight: Turn the ignition key: B ON position.. Hold the scooter by its handlebar and the grab handle at the back of the saddle. Remove the key to prevent risks of theft.. Remove the screw and the lens Stopping the engine and parking Maintenance and adjustments Frequency: Put the scooter on its central stand Check the various lamps from time to Keep the throttle closed time before starting and when To start the engine: Do not accelerate roughly quickly room.

Exhaust gases contain carbon opening and closing the throttle. Replace a burnt out fuse by a fuse of the same capacity.

Precaution The fuse only burns out if there is a fault in the electrical circuit. Change the bulb.Turn the key and insert part 29 into part As with all high technology machinery. Like us A used battery must always be taken to a certified recycling point. Presently there are no fixed timings for study. Replace the protection cover Do not use an oil and petrol fuel mixture. Keep out of reach of children.

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