Irrigation book. Read 3 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Irrigation theory and practice, 3. Irrigation theory and practice by Michael A. M.. Irrigation theory and practice. by Michael A. M.. Print book. English. 2nd ed. This book is a comprehensive treatise on water resources development and Irrigation management. For the last 30 years the book has enjoyed the status of an.

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By A M Michael If you are searched for the book by A M Michael Irrigation Theory And Practice - 2Nd. Edn in. 1. CE. Irrigation Engg. () Final - Made Irrigation, Theory and Practice by A.M. Michael, January 1, , South Asia Books edition, Paperback - 1 edition. Download PDF Irrigation Theory And Practice - 2Nd Edn, by A M Michael. When visiting take the experience or thoughts types others, book.

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At each period, 12 samples were collected. Result obtained has shown that the water is suitable for irrigation when compared with standard. EC increases progressively from reservoir downstream, highest values of 0.

An ESP of The SAR and RSC have shown that the water is of good quality for irrigation as highest values observed for these parameters are 0.

Irrigation, Theory and Practice

Management practices such as gypsum application, choice of sodium tolerant crops and occasional testing of water to assess sodium hazard are recommended. This is more pronounced in the third man. The importance of water cannot be over- world countries Jibrin et al, From earlier emphasized as there are no substitute to it many times, the vital importance of irrigated agriculture uses Dike et al, It is the most valuable asset has been recognized worldwide, especially in areas of irrigated agriculture.

The quality of water is as where rainfall during growing season is not important as its quantity for a successful irrigation.

Poor quality of irrigation water affects the yield of crops, fertility needs and In areaswhere the amount and timing of rainfall is irrigation system Performance. It is therefore inadequate to meet moisture requirement of crops, important that irrigation water be free from ions irrigation is necessary if enough food is to be which are toxic to plants or composition that has produced.

Irrigation on individual basis had been detrimental effects on soil physical practiced for time immemorial in the fadama areas condition. Knowledge of water quality is critical to of Northern Nigeria.

Download PDF Irrigation Theory And Practice - 2Nd Edn, by A M Michael

This had been particularly understanding of what management changes are around Kano and Sokoto States Ohu, It is the largest and most populous This paperstudied and compared water quality in city in Nigeria Mohammed et al, The project commenced in was not achieved. However, despite setbacks with construction of Bagauda dam supplying KRIP is one of the most successful irrigation Kadawa irrigation sector as a pilot Scheme and projects in Nigeria Maina,et,al Tiga dam between The paper also studied the possible change in water quality from Sample collection the reservoir to tertiary canals due to various Samples were collected in plastic containers from human activities such as washing, bathing, fishing, Reservoir, Primary canal at Munture, secondary watering of livestock, and the effect of canals at Bunkure and tertiary canals at Kura.

At insecticides, pesticides, fertilizer etc. The collections were done in the months of April Material and methods late dry season , November beginning of Dry season and February mid dry season.

Irrigation: Theory & Practice

The main source of water washed with detergent and rinsed 3 times with for irrigation in the region is the Tiga Dam and distilled water and then with the sample water. Ruwankanya reservoir Maina et al, Tiga dam was constructed across RiverKano between Laboratory works and and has a capacity of 1. It is the with pH meter M, the electrical conductivity largest irrigation dam in Nigeria. The dam is the was determined with conductivity meter , corner stone of water resources development in Sodium and potassium were determined using Kano River valley in the state and Hadejia in flame photometer ,Volumetric method was Jigawa state Maina,et.

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The test two. The developments of two phases were to be procedure was in accordance with APHA standard completed in The two irrigation project method for the examination of water and waste KRIP east and west are both located at water th editions.

There are two main canals that convey water from the dam to irrigation area and each is 25km long. One to kura irrigation area westward and the other to Bunkure Calculation of some parameters from irrigation areas eastward Danbuzu, The mean pH values of the dam.

The mean of each parameter was 6.

Akindele et al. The electrical conductivity increases from reservoir to downstream and the Result and discussion mean values ranges from 0.

Canal T. This implies slight The highest value of EC 0. Damage to where activities of domestic animals as well as plants with low tolerance to salinity will occur.

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Variation of parameters at different periods of Successful use of water with EC above 0.The term effective rainfall has a different meaning to different users. G Download Women DPs and demonstrate your character on.

One to kura irrigation area westward and the other to Bunkure Calculation of some parameters from irrigation areas eastward Danbuzu, Enjoy this list of best profile pictures and feel free to download any cool profile. Seller Inventory Book- VG. Shubham Ghodake rated it did not like it Jan 28, K, Abubakar S. Michael, A.

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