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Sherlock Holmes Omnibus-Bangla detective ebook pdf. Translated by- Manindra Dutta. Pages- , File size- 40mb, Quality- good, without any. The complete Sherlock Holmes Canon. From these pages you can download all the original Sherlock Holmes stories for free. PDF using individual layout. See for an electronic form of this text To Sherlock Holmes she is always the woman complete happiness, and the home-centred inter-.

You put me off, do you? I have heard of you before. You are Holmes, the meddler. His smile broadened. I know that Miss Stoner has been here. I traced her! I am a dangerous man to fall foul of!

See here. This incident gives zest to our investigation, however, and I only trust that our little friend will not suffer from her imprudence in allowing this brute to trace her. He held in his hand a sheet of blue paper, scrawled over with notes and figures. Each daughter can claim an income of pounds, in case of marriage.

It is evident, therefore, that if both girls had married, this beauty would have had a mere pittance, while even one of them would cripple him to a very serious extent. And now, Watson, this is too serious for dawdling, especially as the old man is aware that we are interesting ourselves in his affairs; so if you are ready, we shall call a cab and drive to Waterloo. I should be very much obliged if you would slip your revolver into your pocket.

That and a tooth-brush are, I think, all that we need. It was a perfect day, with a bright sun and a few fleecy clouds in the heavens. The trees and wayside hedges were just throwing out their first green shoots, and the air was full of the pleasant smell of the moist earth.

To me at least there was a strange contrast between the sweet promise of the spring and this sinister quest upon which we were engaged. My companion sat in the front of the trap, his arms folded, his hat pulled down over his eyes, and his chin sunk upon his breast, buried in the deepest thought. Suddenly, however, he started, tapped me on the shoulder, and pointed over the meadows.

A heavily timbered park stretched up in a gentle slope, thickening into a grove at the highest point. From amid the branches there jutted out the grey gables and high roof-tree of a very old mansion.

There it is, where the lady is walking. It may stop his gossip. Good-afternoon, Miss Stoner. You see that we have been as good as our word.

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Roylott has gone to town, and it is unlikely that he will be back before evening. Miss Stoner turned white to the lips as she listened. What will he say when he returns? You must lock yourself up from him to-night. Now, we must make the best use of our time, so kindly take us at once to the rooms which we are to examine.

In one of these wings the windows were broken and blocked with wooden boards, while the roof was partly caved in, a picture of ruin. The central portion was in little better repair, but the right-hand block was comparatively modern, and the blinds in the windows, with the blue smoke curling up from the chimneys, showed that this was where the family resided.

Some scaffolding had been erected against the end wall, and the stone-work had been broken into, but there were no signs of any workmen at the moment of our visit. Holmes walked slowly up and down the ill-trimmed lawn and examined with deep attention the outsides of the windows.

But I am now sleeping in the middle one. By the way, there does not seem to be any very pressing need for repairs at that end wall. I believe that it was an excuse to move me from my room. That is suggestive.

Now, on the other side of this narrow wing runs the corridor from which these three rooms open. There are windows in it, of course? Too narrow for anyone to pass through. Now, would you have the kindness to go into your room and bar your shutters? There was no slit through which a knife could be passed to raise the bar. Then with his lens he tested the hinges, but they were of solid iron, built firmly into the massive masonry.

No one could pass these shutters if they were bolted.

Well, we shall see if the inside throws any light upon the matter. Holmes refused to examine the third chamber, so we passed at once to the second, that in which Miss Stoner was now sleeping, and in which her sister had met with her fate.

It was a homely little room, with a low ceiling and a gaping fireplace, after the fashion of old country-houses. A brown chest of drawers stood in one corner, a narrow white-counterpaned bed in another, and a dressing-table on the left-hand side of the window. These articles, with two small wicker-work chairs, made up all the furniture in the room save for a square of Wilton carpet in the centre.

The boards round and the panelling of the walls were of brown, worm-eaten oak, so old and discoloured that it may have dated from the original building of the house. Holmes drew one of the chairs into a corner and sat silent, while his eyes travelled round and round and up and down, taking in every detail of the apartment.

We used always to get what we wanted for ourselves. You will excuse me for a few minutes while I satisfy myself as to this floor. Then he did the same with the wood-work with which the chamber was panelled. Finally he walked over to the bed and spent some time in staring at it and in running his eye up and down the wall. Finally he took the bell-rope in his hand and gave it a brisk tug.

This is very interesting. You can see now that it is fastened to a hook just above where the little opening for the ventilator is. I never noticed that before. For example, what a fool a builder must be to open a ventilator into another room, when, with the same trouble, he might have communicated with the outside air!

With your permission, Miss Stoner, we shall now carry our researches into the inner apartment. A camp-bed, a small wooden shelf full of books, mostly of a technical character, an armchair beside the bed, a plain wooden chair against the wall, a round table, and a large iron safe were the principal things which met the eye.

Holmes walked slowly round and examined each and all of them with the keenest interest. You have seen inside, then? I remember that it was full of papers. What a strange idea! But there is a cheetah and a baboon. Well, a cheetah is just a big cat, and yet a saucer of milk does not go very far in satisfying its wants, I daresay.

There is one point which I should wish to determine. Here is something interesting!

The lash, however, was curled upon itself and tied so as to make a loop of whipcord. Ah, me! I think that I have seen enough now, Miss Stoner, and with your permission we shall walk out upon the lawn.

We had walked several times up and down the lawn, neither Miss Stoner nor myself liking to break in upon his thoughts before he roused himself from his reverie. Your life may depend upon your compliance.

Let me explain. I believe that that is the village inn over there? Your windows would be visible from there? Then when you hear him retire for the night, you must open the shutters of your window, undo the hasp, put your lamp there as a signal to us, and then withdraw quietly with everything which you are likely to want into the room which you used to occupy. I have no doubt that, in spite of the repairs, you could manage there for one night.

I think that there was probably some more tangible cause. And now, Miss Stoner, we must leave you for if Dr. Roylott returned and saw us our journey would be in vain. Good-bye, and be brave, for if you will do what I have told you, you may rest assured that we shall soon drive away the dangers that threaten you. They were on the upper floor, and from our window we could command a view of the avenue gate, and of the inhabited wing of Stoke Moran Manor House.

At dusk we saw Dr. Grimesby Roylott drive past, his huge form looming up beside the little figure of the lad who drove him. The trap drove on, and a few minutes later we saw a sudden light spring up among the trees as the lamp was lit in one of the sitting-rooms. There is a distinct element of danger. You have evidently seen more in these rooms than was visible to me. I imagine that you saw all that I did.

It was so small that a rat could hardly pass through. You remember in her statement she said that her sister could smell Dr. Now, of course that suggested at once that there must be a communication between the two rooms. I deduced a ventilator. A ventilator is made, a cord is hung, and a lady who sleeps in the bed dies.

Does not that strike you? Did you ever see a bed fastened like that before?

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It must always be in the same relative position to the ventilator and to the ropeā€”or so we may call it, since it was clearly never meant for a bell-pull. We are only just in time to prevent some subtle and horrible crime. When a doctor does go wrong he is the first of criminals. He has nerve and he has knowledge. Palmer and Pritchard were among the heads of their profession. This man strikes even deeper, but I think, Watson, that we shall be able to strike deeper still.

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Agreeing to check. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was an author most noted for his stories about the detective Sherlock Holmes,. Professor Challenger serise. Like Holmes, quality of pdf s are really. Posted on Mar operation installation user manual do accessing barrett operation. Synergies Royaume-Uni et Irlande. Gerflint 2. Download Link. Feluda Series Bangla pdf ebook free Download.

The complete Sherlock Holmes Canon. PDF using individual layout. Any kind of feedback is appreciated, please send e-mail to mail sherlock-holm. Sharlok Homes Samagra bangla anubad ebook.

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective. Searching for bengali poets and writers and their Sherlock Holmes novels and stories in Bangla pdf.Sherlock Holmes is so famous that we sometimes forget the author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his other novels. She was but thirty at the time of her death, and yet her hair had already begun to whiten, even as mine has. You can change your ad preferences anytime.

Hudson has had the good sense to light the fire. I have myself some small business matters to attend to. There is no communication between them, but they all open out into the same corridor.

You have seen inside, then? We used always to get what we wanted for ourselves.

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