The Expository Dictionary of the Old Testament will be a useful tool in the hands of the student who has little or no formal training in the Hebrew language. Home / Dictionaries / Vine's / A. Welcome to the 'Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words', one of the dictionary resources FREELY available on! With over 3, entries, this timeless classic is THE reference guide to New Testament Greek words for English readers. Vine's Expository Bible Dictionary with Holy Bible Also I recommend you "Bible Concordance & Strongs" which you find in my app. You find there Bible.

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Preface to Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words. To ascertain the exact meaning of the words and phraseology of the originals of the Holy. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Vine's Expository Dictionary. Download Vine's Expository Dictionary and enjoy. Vines Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words by Vine,. Unger and White (Keyed to Strong's Numbers) ISBN= (The best.

I think it was Bishop Westcott who said that New Testament doctrine is largely based on its prepositions; in any case the importance of them can scarcely be exaggerated. These added to a word either emphasise or extend its meaning, and many such words have become Anglicized.

For illustration take the three words anabolism, katabolism, and metabolism. These words are used in relation to biology and physiology. The root word in each is ballo, to cast, or throw, and each has a prepositional prefix; in the first, ana, up; in the second, kata, down; and in the third, meta, with. Metabolism tells of the chemical changes in living cells, by which the energy is provided for the vital processes and activities, and new material is assimilated to repair the waste; by a proper metabolism or "throwing-together" of the substances of the body, health is promoted.

This building up of the nutritive substances into the more complex living protoplasm is anabolism, or "throwing-up;" and the want of this results in katabolism, or "throwing-down" of protoplasm.

Now, two of the three words occur in the New Testament. For metaballo see p.

Vines Expositary Dictionary - Ultimate Bible Reference Library

For the possible range of prefixes to one word, see pages , ; COME, with eis, and ek, and epi, and dia, and kata, and para, and pros, and sun; and two of the eleven compounds are double, No. These illustrations are sufficient to show the scope and simplicity of this work and consequently its immense usefulness to the English reader.

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Fourth, this Dictionary is compiled in the light of the new knowledge which has come to us by the discovery of the papyri. During the last fifty years this light has been brought to bear upon the New Testament with precious and priceless results. In olden days in Egypt it was a custom not to burn waste paper, but to dump it outside the town, and the sands of the desert swept over it, and buried it, and for centuries a vast mass of such rubbish has lain there. However, in Dr. Grenfell and Dr.

Hunt began digging at Oxyrhynchus and discovered a number of papyri, among which was a crumpled leaf, written on both sides in uncial characters, which proved to be a collection of Sayings attributed to Jesus, Logia which Dr.

Hope Moulton believed to be genuine. These and very many other papyri were classified and edited and one day when Dr. Deissmann was casually looking at a volume of these in the University Library at Heidelberg, he was impressed by the likeness of the language to that with which he was familiar in his study of the Greek New Testament.

By further study the great discovery was made that New Testament Greek is not the Attic of the Classics, nor is it "a language of the Holy Ghost" as one scholar called it, but it is the ordinary vernacular Greek of that period, the language of everyday life, as it was spoken and written by the ordinary men and women of the day, tradesmen, soldiers, schoolboys, lovers, clerks, and so on, that is, the koine, or "Common" Greek of the great Graeceo-Roman world.

In illustration of this, look at Col. This means a memorandum of debt, 'a writing by hand' used in public and private contracts, and it is a technical word in the Greek papyri.

Dictionary & KJV Bible Verses

A large number of ancient notes of hand have been published and of these Dr. Deissmann says, "a stereotyped formula in these documents is the promise to pay back the berrowed money, 'I will repay'; and they all are in the debtor's own hand, or, if he could not write, in the handwriting of another acting for him, with the express remark, 'I have written for him'".

In such a note-of-hand, belonging to the first century, and with reference to a hundred silver drachmae, one named Papus wrote on behalf of two people who could not write, "which we will also repay, with any other that we may owe, I Papus wrote for him who is not able to write. Now, this expression occurs in the New Testament twice, in the parable of "The Lord and his Servants", "have patience with me, and I will pay thee all", and in Paul's note to Philemon concerning Onesimus, "if he hath wronged thee, or oweth thee ought, put that on mine account, I Paul have written it with mine own hand, I will repay it.

In the famous Florentine papyrus of A. Many such illustrations might be given, from which we see that the papyri have a distinct expository value. In Lexicons previous to this discovery are to be found lists of what are called hapax legomena, words which occur once only, and many of which, it was supposed, were created by the Holy Spirit for the conveyance of Christian truth, but now all or nearly all such words have been found in the papyri.

The Holy Spirit did not create a special language for Christianity, but used the colloquial tonque of the time; He employed the cosmopolitan Greek.

This fact has radically affected our approach to the New Testament, and although, in view of the magnitude of this Dictionary, it has been impossible to do more than make a reference here and there to this learning e. I might have made reference also to etymological, cross-reference and other values in this work, but perhaps enough has been said to indicate its scope and usefulness. Vine has done a great service to the non-academic reader of the New Testament, and those also who are most familiar with the original tongue may learn much from these pages.

Tozer Charles Spurgeon Voice of the Lord more. Miscellaneous Bible Maps.

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Powered by Light speed Technology. Preferences Subscriptions Lists. A Choose a letter: Abide, Abode.

Ability, Able. Abominable, Abomination. Absence, Absent.

Vine's Expository Dictionary

Abstain, Abstinence. Abundance, Abundant, Abundantly, Abound. Also I would like to make clickable Strong Numbers like Bible verses - when clicked would open the description and other information about the Strong Number.

But I do not know how much you need it. I would be happy to improve this app together! Version 5.

This volume is invaluable to every serious Bible student. It makes it possible to look up the meaning of Biblical words and discern the original Greek meaning.

By doing so and partaking of inductive study the Word comes alive. Just try it. Take your favorite verse and search the key words. It will aid tremendously in meditating and will excite the student! Easy to carry.

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Easy to use when overseas on mission trips and asked to teach or preach in a few moments notice. Looked up finished and gave me lots of information.In olden days in Egypt it was a custom not to burn waste paper, but to dump it outside the town, and the sands of the desert swept over it, and buried it, and for centuries a vast mass of such rubbish has lain there.

Price Free. June Learn how and when to remove this template message An Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words was written by William Edwy Vine and published as a four volume set in For example, there are a number of Greek words that may be translated by the English word love.

This work contains more up-to-date definitions of words, and uses the Goodrick and Kohlenberger GK numbering system, which is more complete than the traditional Strong's numbering system for Greek and Hebrew words. Abide, Abode. Administer, Administration.

Here, including the compounds, upwards of fifty words are employed to express one general thought, and the employment of any one of these, in any given passage, has precise historical or spiritual significance. You can also use this form if you have any suggestions about how to improve the usability of this resource.

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